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Plant-based artisan nut cheese

Vietnam's first plant-based deli. We produce a range of vegan cheese, dairy alternatives and other deli food.
Kashew Deli Kitchen

Food made with Kashew Cheese

Kashew Sandwiches, Cheeseboards, Salads, Coffee, Kombucha, Smoothies, and more.
Classic Sandwich
100.000₫ 100.000₫
Bomba Sandwich
130.000₫ 130.000₫
Grande Sandwich
from 145.000₫ from 145.000₫
Mozza Pesto Sandwich
from 145.000₫ from 145.000₫
Cheese & Chutney Sandwich
from 155.000₫ from 155.000₫
Plant-based Feast

Kashew Cheeseboards

A selection of Kashew Cheese with fruits, veggies, chutneys, pesto and artisan breads.

Sandwiches, Cheeseboards and more

We make fresh plant-based food and drinks using Kashew Cheese products.